Establishing the Favorites items from web page to iGO navigation application.


First create free account - here

Download and install free software on ANDROID device - here

Login to your account - here


            Via website http://trackerpos/nav_map/index.php ,

    and this application you will create Favorites points in your iGO

    navigation application. With your Favorites points is easy to create a

    route from you to some of the points. You create precise nonverbal

    indication of address and place to iGO from your home or office.


        - Establishing the Favorites items from web page to iGO navigation

        - Use of all of the functions of - search, visualization,

                maintenance, and other, to determine the desired point.
        - easy to use
        - option for the correction in address, name and record
        - Automatic support of the numbers of records (Favorites points)
        - one account ,one device.
        - Free testing and use account for 7 days.

            Preparation for use.
            1.First create an account -

           p=reg for this you need an email address and password.
        2.Confirm your registration by link in the email. With the confirmation

           you get NUMBER OF module.
        3.Install this software to the Android device -
        4. Run the program in Android device.
        5. Create 1 and 2 profiles in iGO. The most difficult part ! To set the   

            correct way to the folder where iGO is. Preliminary recording in

            EDIT field will help you. Inscription on the confirm button serves

            and for the information.
        6. When you set correct way EDIT field will disappear and the button

            will indicate that you are set the way correctly.
        7. Set number of the device.
        8. The program will run.
        9. If you have failed numbers of the module, uninstall and repeat steps

            from 3 to 8 again.

            1. Login in -
        2. Find desired point by searching in the map by click on it or by    

            setting the address in
        3. Will appears a bubble marker and information field. Click on

            information field. Will open panel. You can edit the name and

            address, but not the coordinates.
        4. Click in the field “phone". Set to which number module send the

            information for the point ( for the free version is only one ).
        5. Send via the "Enter" button.






Android transport software






Android transport software